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Water Sprinkler System

  • fixed / semi-fixed fire fighting system
  • long service life
  • fast and aesthetic installation
  • high prevention of consequential damages

Sprinkler-based fixed fire fighting system is the oldest, most widespread and at the same time very reliable extinguishing system with a long service life. It is an automatic fire fighting system, which is permanently installed in the building or on technological equipment and serves primarily to locate and eliminate a temperature-activated fire, usually without operator’s intervention. When a fire is detected, the temperature element of the sprinkler head opens, a pressure drop occurs in the distribution pipe, which causes the subsequent opening of the control valve and the actual start of the sprinkler fire fighting system. After opening, water is sprayed out, while only the sprinklers that are above or in the immediate vicinity of the fire, i.e. those necessary to ensure extinguishing, are opened.

Foam Sprinkler System

  • prevents recurring fire
  • also has a cooling effect
  • extinguishes flammable liquids and plastics
  • leak of flammable vapours is reduced

Foam-based fixed fire fighting systems are usually designed to protect areas and technologies with flammable liquids or plastics. Foam systems are often used with sprinkler or powder fire fighting systems.

The extinguishing effect of foam varies with the need for protection. Heavy, medium, or light foam use depends on the different degrees of foaming. The principle of extinguishing consists in limiting the access of oxygen to the surface of the flammable liquid or plastic, with the effect of extinguishing increasing cooling – a by-product of foam sprinkler system.

Gas Sprinkler System

  • no damage to property
  • no extinguishing residues
  • fast and efficient
  • versatile use

We recommend the use of a gas fire fighting system to protect areas where sensitive technologies or high-value equipment are. It is a fast and very efficient extinguishing system. Types of extinguishing gases used: CO2, FM200, Novec1230, Inergen, nitrogen.

The principle of extinguishing consists in reducing the oxygen concentration in the protected area below a value that no longer allows combustion.

Supplier of Plants and Building Complexes

  • Base slabs
  • Control rooms
  • Relocation
  • Sewerage system

Building construction requires expertise and experienced project management, which we can offer as a general contractor. Thanks to our many years of experience in construction projects and our comprehensive solutions, we achieve the highest project efficiency, which is clearly reflected in a reduction of the client’s investment costs. Our team offers reliable project management to our clients.

Our team offers reliable project management and professional turnkey construction solutions to our clients.

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